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ADA Compliance

ADA compliance is no longer a nice to have, but rather: a must have for your website. In fact your website might be in danger of a lawsuit for failure to meet certain UI/UX standards. ADA compliance is a must for any e-commerce, educational, or business website.

ADA compliance

Where to Start

Fix the Basics Icon

Fix the basics

Start with the simple things: alt text on images, form labels, and correct header tag configuration.

Create and Audit Plan Icon

create an audit plan

Utilize disabled users in your audtiing process – manual auditing remains a key part in remediiation of ADA compliance issues for your website.

Don't Rely on Widgets Icon

don’t rely on widgets

Widgets operate similar to band aids. Unfortunately, ADA compliance is usually more than a surface issue. Furthermore, many lawsuits target companies utilizing widgets which are unable to bring websites to full compliance.

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