Website Management Plans

Why pay for website management services?

Website management service is one of the most overlooked secrets to a successful website. For an affordable monthly fee, you can have nearly all website maintenance issues taken care of proactively. That means instant savings to your time, attention, and stress level. Better than that, good maintenance plans will help your website maintain its value for the long run. Websites can quickly generate bugs if they are not taken care of. A bug-free and optimized site means a better user experience for your website visitors. But you’d like to save money, right?

Are you actually saving money by self-managing your website?

To answer this question we need to look at the tasks that are typically bundled into a website management plan.

  1. Hosting and DNS management
    • Configuring a website can take 2-6 hours to properly configure and you will have ongoing hosting expenses. Inexpensive (shared-server) hosting is tempting, but unfortunately leads to compromised security for your website with potential viruses and malware hitting your site.
    • Without expert assistance, you can find yourself sitting on chat widgets with your hosting provider for hours to diagnose issues and resolve hosting problems.
  2. Software updating
    • Websites REQUIRE constant maintenance. This isn’t optional. If you want to avoid bugs, page load speed, and maintain security, you must be updating all the software tied to your website: theme, plugins, API connections. This can be a costly task if you don’t have a developer familiar with your website.
  3. No ongoing optimization of your images, scripts, and database
    • This is a slow leak issue on most sites. As time goes on, your website will likely change: new images, new pages, new blogs, new plugins, or extensions. All of these additions, if not optimized alongside the original setup of your website, will slowly weigh down your site: compromising your website speed, SEO ranking, and overall user experience.
  4. Security risks
    • Malware, viruses, hacks, admin password leaks, and site restoration are all common issues for websites. Managing these tasks could take up hours or days of your time, or cost hundreds of dollars and still leave you vulnerable if it were to happen again.
  5. Bugs
    • Even a minor plugin error could knock your website out for hours or days and cost hundreds of dollars just for a one time fix
    • A monthly plan protects you from unexpected issues that can cause quite the dent in your marketing budget
  6. CMS Updates
    • Even the simplest CMS platforms require training and skills. Small changes may even be costly if not strategically considered.
    • We provide free training on all CMS tasks for our clients but we also offer an unlimited CMS updating service so you don’t have to be distracted by the minutia of your website content

So how do you select the right management team for your website?

You need a team you can trust. Before using a company to manage your website, we recommend having at least 1-2 virtual meetings in order to establish your relationship. Ask them how they handle all the above in their management plans and how it will keep your website healthy.

Better yet, we recommend starting a small project with your potential website partner. For example, your website could use a new homepage banner, an update to the footer menu, or maybe a new blog template. Small projects are low-risk (ideally low-cost) projects that will show you 3 key things: how well the team communicates with you, whether can they follow through on their promises (timeline, functionality, design, etc.), and how easy was the process for you. With answers to those 3 questions, you should know exactly what kind of support you would receive from their ongoing website management plan.

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